November 22, 2010

Olsen Cousins Pictures 2010

At the beginning of November, we got all of the Olsen grandchildren together to get their pictures taken. The pictures were taken by Kate Jeppson who did such a great job of capturing adorable photographs of ten spirited children.

Here are the five beautiful little girls.

The three three-year-olds. They are the best of friends!

Christian was very excited when it was time to play in the leaves.

He was a lot more interested in the tiny leaf on his hand than in getting his picture taken.
It's crazy to think that he is not the baby anymore. Since the last cousins pictures last December, we have had two more Olsen cousins born, Katharine and James.

Christian is now my sweet little toddler!
And here is my sweet little Ava!


Becki said...

Krista...your kids are so stinkin cute!! Christian is getting so big and is definitely handsome!!! And Ava...what a beautiful girl!!! They are getting big...but they're getting to be more fun too!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures. Thanks for posting them. What a darling group of little people!--GrannyO

Christina said...

SO CUTE! I cannot get over how beautiful your kids are. And it is so great that they have cousins their age.
I especially love the striped jammies picture the most! LOVE!

Kelly said...

Christian certainly has more of a toddler look now that a baby look. Only a few months until nursery!!