January 10, 2010

Christian's Baby Blessing

Christian was blessed during our 9 a.m. church service the day after Danny & Patricia's wedding.

We were all still pretty tired from the reception the night before (plus Christian was up until four in the morning). He nonetheless seemed to sense it was a special day, as he was full of smiles.

Ava was very excited for Christian's big day and wanted to get her picture taken with him...

...Christian, however, was ready to head out.
Krista decided to give Christian a faux-hawk, which he thought made him look tough.

He's a total chick magnet.
Here's his blessing outfit complete with the hat (Christian kept kicking the little knit booties off of his feet).

Thanks to Granny O for buying Christian such a lovely outfit to be blessed in.


The Jones :) said...

CUTE...I love the faux hawk too Krista. He's such a cute happy little man!!

Anonymous said...

He is a cute, happy little man. He looks so darling in his blessing outfit. I can't wait to get his picture up. I can't decide which is cuter--his faux hawk or the hat. I love how the silk on Ava's dress matches his outfit. What a lovely day for you guys.--GrannyO

Elissa said...

What a darling little family! Love the pictures of cute little Christian and Ava! Also, the pictures of them in their cute Christmas pj's is adorable.

Hailey said...

So much fun to see his big day! I love his little sailor suit! His faux-hawk is the best, but it's my fave style so what can I say? Ava is looking so much like Lauren I can't belive it! Cute cute kids.