February 5, 2010

#1 Grandson

Grandpa Furr was excited to meet his first grandson for the first time over the Christmas holiday.
These pictures were taken at the airport. As you can see, Christian and Grandpa Furr hit it right off.
Throughout the rest of our stay in PA, Christian got to spend a lot of time with Grandpa Furr.
Christian liked all the silly faces that Grandpa Furr made.
And he even made a few silly faces of his own.


The Jones :) said...

What cute pictures...sure looks like a proud Papa!!! CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

Such darling pictures. Christian is one of the most engaging babies I have ever seen. He just loves people!--GrannyO

Hailey said...

Christian is just so cute, and I love his strawberry blonde hair! Grandpa Furr looks so young!!

Sally said...

Is it just me or does Christian look very Furr? I think he takes after you and your dad quite a bit. What a special time for them to share. Your family looks wonderful, as always!

Elissa said...

What fun pictures. I can't believe how big he is getting. He is adorable.