May 7, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt 2009

This is a video of the Easter egg hunt we had at Granny and Grandpa O's house on Easter Sunday. Each time we watch it we notice something we hadn't noticed before. Here's a cheat sheet of a few of our favorite things that happen throughout the video (try to see if you can spot them all):
  1. Seth asking anyone who will listen "What does 5 mean?" (It was actually an 'S' for service; meaning that rather than containing candy, the egg contained a slip of paper with an act of service written on it.)
  2. Ava screaming as she reaches to pick up an egg that happens to have a slug on it.
  3. Ava's apprehension toward picking up the next egg (for which she says "thank you" when Larry hands it to her).
  4. Sophie's little squeal as she finds an egg, to which Liz says "Sophie, let me see!"
  5. Ava exclaiming "Where are you eggs? You're hiding!"
  6. How we all mistake the blue ball for an Easter egg.
  7. Ava wanting to make sure that Sophie and Annissa are getting eggs too.
  8. Of all the things in Ava's Easter basket, she prattles on about the "mermaid band-aids" which she says are "cool".
  9. Betsy saying in reference to the eggs, "Owen has a bunch" as several of the children struggle to fill their own baskets with eggs. (We're just giving you a hard time Owen!)
  10. Ava's pants falling down as she waddles over to snag a yellow Easter egg (alas, Luke was too fast for her).
  11. Ava telling Maddie and Betsy about the ball.
Thanks to Granny and Grandpa O for hosting a wonderful Easter egg hunt. We are already anticipating next year's hunt.

Be sure to push the "HQ" button to watch the video at a higher quality.


Anonymous said...

Larry, you are so wonderful! I loved seeing the video and finding all the things you said to listen for. Ava is, as always, darling. I love the way she kept saying that the eggs were hiding. Easter is one of my favorite holidays; thanks for documenting it so well.--Granny O

Kelly said...

that is cute. I liked your I Spy method to video watching. It was much more entertaining when I knew what to look for!