August 14, 2008

Family Room Arrangements

There are a few things you need to know about the pictures we're going to show you at the end of this post.

1. Ava loves wearing hats: We recently posted about this on our blog here. However, should you require further evidence of Ava's love for cranial apparel, here are some pictures of her trying to wear her bloomers as a hat.
2. Ava likes watching television: Yes, we are horrible parents for indulging her TV-watching habit, but as revealed here, she's got us (or at least Larry) wrapped around her finger. And yes, when she's watching one of her shows on television, she tends to have that spaced-out look on her face (you know, that look kids get when their brains are turning to mush due to under stimulation).

3. This picture was not posed: While we've certainly been guilty of arranging certain scenarios between Ava and her stuffed animal friends (the Lily Mae series for example), the pictures you're about to see were not in any way set up by us. (Note: To those who thought Ava's and Lily Mae's conversations were real, we apologize for shattering your fantasies.)

So with those explanations out of the way, it's on to the story behind the pictures you're about to see. Part of Ava's morning routine is to watch the Little Einsteins on the Disney channel while we have our breakfast. The routine typically goes as follows:
  1. We put the program on
  2. Ava crawls up on the couch to watch it
  3. We then go about our daily tasks for the next 30 minutes
So one particular morning Krista came back into the family room near the end of the program and found that Ava had apparently decided to make arrangements for some friends of hers.

Again we remind you that we had no part in the display you see here. All we did was take the pictures.


ryan furr said...

That's great. Man she looks older in this picture.

The Jones :) said...

That is so cute...what a smart little girl!! Guess her friends like the show too huh!!
-Becki :)

jamie said...

I know this is really random, but somehow my mom came across your blog while looking for a byu cheerleading outfit for my neice--do you happen to have any idea where you found the outfit at? She is trying to find a cute blue one but all she can find is pink! Thanks!

krista said...

We got Ava's BYU cheerleading outfit at the BYU bookstore.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is too, too darling! She is so smart and so cute. Did she really arrange all her "friends" on the couch like that? I think you guys should write a book about Ava and her stuffed animals. Larry could illustrate it. Maybe we've got another "Velveteen Rabbit" in the works here.--Granny O

Elissa said...

That is so cute! She looks adorable in hats! It was so good to see you guys last night.

Anonymous said...

She is the cutest!!!