December 16, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

Ever since we put up our Christmas trees, Ava has been in awe of them. It is a regular occurrence for us to be in the family room watching television when Ava will suddenly scurry out into the foyer. In months past, this usually meant she was headed for the stairs. So out of habit we always leap from the couch and chase after her to make sure she is not in peril (luckily there have been no spills down the steps yet). These days, however, more often than not we come around the corner not to find Ava ascending the stairs, but rather to find her in our living room gazing at the Christmas tree.

We were worried about how Ava would behave in regard to the tree, having heard many stories of how little children love to pull down (and often break) the ornaments. However, Ava has been an absolute angel, preferring to look with her eyes rather than her hands.

When Ava does touch the tree, she does so ever so gently with her tiny little index finger extended. If only she were like this with our stereo. Okay, actually she is. What can we say, she's a good kid.

Here's a picture from the Christmas tree's point of view.

Lucky tree.


Anonymous said...

She is so darling! I have noticed how much she loves the Christmas trees around her. I am amazed at how she doesn't try to take the ornaments off or anything like that. She does seem to be in awe of them. She's welcome at all our Christmas parties.--Granny O

The Jones :) said...

You're lucky she's not touching or pulling or breaking things!!! We didn't put a big one up for those very reasons!! It's bad enough at Grandma's house...Klous has already broken one and pulls the ornaments off regularly...AHHHHHH :) Good job Ava...teach Klous a few things ok!!! :)
-Becki :)

Elissa said...

That is wonderful that she doesn't pull them off. Nissa loves to pull off our ornaments and hit them together. Thankfully they are still whole and none have broken yet. Ava is so cute and her little sweater is so cute!