October 24, 2007

Just Like Aunt Maddie

A few Sundays ago we dressed Ava in a dress handed down to her by her Aunt Maddie. Ava looked absolutely lovely as you can see.

Ava really loves playing with her Aunt Maddie and was honored to wear one of her old church dresses.
She thinks Aunt Maddie is especially cool because she has so many fun dolls and a really fabulous playroom.

She secretly hopes that Aunt Maddie will give her one of her dolls.

How can you say no to those big puppy dog eyes?


maddie.ballerina said...

Oh thats so cute! Who really can resist those puppy dog eyes! -Maddie ; )

Anonymous said...

Ava looks so beautiful in the dress. She actually reminds me of Maddie when Maddie wore that dress. Of course, Ava must have a doll. We have plenty to choose from!--Granny O

The Jones :) said...

LOL...what a good post...I'm sure she'll get something out of it!! She's so cute...and has such funny expressions!!!
-Becki :)