June 10, 2007

Summer Hats

Ava has been enjoying the summer weather and the excuse it gives her to accessorize.

Here she is in a little hat with strings, which are oh so fun to tug on.
She also likes wearing hats because Lily Mae is never without her hat.

Flip-flops make for another fun summer accessory.

And of course the warm weather affords her the opportunity to go barefoot. And we all know how much she likes her feet.


The Jones :) said...

Oh my goodness..she is so cute!! And the hats and flip flops are too cute as well!! She's getting so big!!! She's beautiful!!
-Becki :)

Anonymous said...

We always say that a girl can never have too many accessories, and Ava is proving that! She looks extremely darling in her hats and flipflops. And we love her little bare feet!--Granny O