May 16, 2007

Swimsuit Issue II

Ava has been loving the warm weather. She loves being outside and is looking forward to summertime when she can try swimming again. We had her try on her swimsuit to make sure that it still fit.

Being in her swimsuit must have reminded her of our last swimming expedition, because as soon as it was on Ava got very excited and looked up as if to ask, "Are we going swimming?"

We had to tell her "not today," but promised to take her swimming soon. Disappointed, Ava laid back on her blanket, dreaming that she was laying out in the sun.

The good news is that although Ava is slightly chubbier and taller than she was the last time she wore her swimsuit, it still fits. So, Ava will be looking very fashionable when she gets her next chance to swim!


The Jones :) said...

Too Cute!!! The swimsuit is cute...but she is just adorable...she does look very excited and anxious to go swimming...probably a good idea to make sure it still fits her...I might want to try that...we might have to get a new one!! :) Keep in touch!!
-Becki :)

Anonymous said...

"She's gonna be a supermodel. And her hair will shine like the sea, and everyone will want to look just like her because she's young and hip and so beautiful. She's gonna be a supermodel."--Granny O