February 22, 2007

Elf Ears

Now that Ava is back to good health she's been much more smiley. She graced the camera with a few smiles today that we just had to share.

Note the pot-belly.

No she doesn't have elf ears (the headband is to blame). Although her Aunt Lauren wishes she were part elf, there is in fact no elven blood in the family tree... or so we think.

Ava is kicking back on the glider wishing she had hands.


Anonymous said...

These are the best pictures yet! She is soooo darling.
Lauren will be so pleased to know that she and Ava might have the ears in common. Maddie and I have had such a great time looking at your pictures this morning. Thanks!--Granny O

The Jones :) said...

Oh my...she's just so cute you guys. Krista I love all the little accessories you have for her...and it's cute that you hide her hands like that...I wish I did that for Klous because he's getting scratched now that he's discovering his face and fingers!! Darn kid!! But your little girl is REAL cute!! Can't wait to see her!!