December 30, 2008

Santa Claus Is Gullible

Since my parents have become such lazy bloggers, I figured I had better get on here and catch everyone up on our December before ringing in the new year. A few weeks ago we went to see Santa Claus. I wasn't really that interested, but these girls waiting next to me in line seemed to be very excited.

I eventually made it to the front of the line and my parents placed me on Santa's lap. I didn't really want to go through with it until I noticed that Santa was holding a candy cane. If you recall from last year, I wrote about how Santa Claus was mean because he wouldn't give me his candy cane.

So this time around I decided to just take it from him.

Once I was certain the candy cane was mine, I was out of there.

I thought I was finally done with Santa until next year. Then on Christmas Eve, I was at Granny O's house minding my own business and playing with my cousins when he showed up out of nowhere! Once again my parents wanted me to sit on his lap, but at least this time he came bearing gifts.

Then my parents wanted a picture with Santa also. However, by that time he was out of presents, so I really didn't see what the point was and decided to look for an escape route.

Everyone else seemed to think Santa was the bee's knees though. Here's a slide show of everyone's picture with Santa.
So, I've decided that Santa is a little gullible. All you have to do is sit on the guy's lap for a bit and he gives you stuff. If only my parents were this easy.

December 28, 2008

Two Little Mermaids Turn Two

On December 13th, we hosted a Little Mermaid-themed birthday party for Ava and her cousin Annissa, both of whom turned two this month. Here's Ava in her mermaid dress anxiously waiting for the party to get started.

Soon everyone arrived and the festivities began as we gathered "under the sea" (i.e. in the basement). Ava was quite entertained by the party favors.

The main event of the party was a show performed by The Balloon Guy. Prior to the party, he made two life-size Little Mermaid balloon sculptures for the birthday girls. Ava (who loves anything having to do with Ariel) was absolutely ecstatic.

Here's The Balloon Guy in action twisting a balloon puppy for Ava.

This is a slide show of everyone with their balloon character.
Once everyone had their own balloon character, we opened presents. Here's Ava opening a Little Mermaid doll. Very appropriate considering the theme and all.

Annissa was quite excited about this present. Wow!

We concluded by heading up to the kitchen for mermaid cake and fish-shaped cookies.

Thanks to everyone who celebrated Ava and Annissa's birthdays. They both had a great time.