May 30, 2008

BYU Grads '08

April 25 marked the commencement ceremonies for BYU's 2008 graduating class. Among the graduates were Krista's sister Betsy, Larry's brother Ryan, and his wife Kelly. We started the morning out by attending Betsy's commencement ceremony in the Wilkinson Center. Betsy graduated with a BS in chemistry.

After the ceremony, we stopped by the Cougareat to help Lauren (Krista's little sister who is currently studying at BYU) empty out her college meal plan card. Thanks for the chocolate milk Lauren! Here's all five Olsen sisters.

We then had refreshments with all of the chemistry department graduates over at the Benson Building. Betsy will be continuing her education at BYU this fall at where she will begin working on her master's degree in chemistry.

Ryan graduated from the Marriott School of Management with both bachelor's and master's degrees in accounting. Kelly graduated cum laude with a BA in special education.

Here Ryan and Kelly pose with a little twig shaped like an F (for Furr) that Larry spotted on the ground. They will soon be leaving for Raleigh, North Carolina where Ryan will be working for Deloitte and Kelly will be substitute teaching.

Ryan and Kelly hopped on the BYU cougar as they ride out of Provo and into post-collegiate life.

Later that day we sat Ava down to break the news to her that Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kelly would soon be moving away.

She didn't take it very well.

Don't worry Ava, your Uncle Jamie will be out here in the fall.

May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Larry!

While we were out in Pennsylvania, we were able to celebrate Larry's 30th birthday. It was the first time since Larry turned 18 that he was actually home with his family on his birthday. We first celebrated at Olive Garden (the night of the musical) with a very yummy chocolate cake. Ava was enthralled with the candles.
Then on his actual birthday, we had a very fun birthday bash at the Furr's home with fabulous decorations, our favorite stromboli, and a delicious ice cream cake. (Did we mention that Ava was sick with an ear infection for most of the trip?)

The cake was complete with 30 candles for our thirty-year-old!

Ava gave her dad a picture book about all of her favorite things to do with her daddy. Pictured is Larry's mom to the right and Patricia (Danny's girlfriend) to the left.
Larry also got everything you can possibly think to need for washing your car; including Ava's favorite—some very fun, big red buckets.
Ava thought it was so fun playing peek-a-boo in the buckets. (These were taken a few days later, after she was on antibiotics for the ear infection and feeling much better.)

Now we know what to get Ava for her birthday!
Happy (belated) Birthday Larry!

May 14, 2008

Thoroughly Modern Jamie

No sooner than Krista got back from her Vegas trip, we were off to Pennsylvania to visit Larry's family. The main purpose for our visit was to see Larry's two youngest brothers (Jordan and Jamie) in their high school musical production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Here are some pictures from after the show.

Jordan, a sophomore, was is the chorus.

Jamie, a senior, played Ching Ho—one of the lead roles. In the musical, Ching Ho is a Chinese henchman trying to earn money to bring his mother over to the United States. So, all of Jamie's lines were in Chinese (there were subtitles above the stage). Here he is with his boss: the diabolical Mrs. Meers.

Four of the five Furr brothers (Danny is on a mission in Canada).

Larry's dad got us great seats (front row). So we were able to get this video of Jamie dancing and singing in Chinese.

It was a great show and Jamie and Jordan were excellent.

May 10, 2008

Girls' Vegas Getaway

At the beginning of April, I went with my mom, sisters, sister-in-law and niece to Las Vegas. It was a very fun getaway (Larry stayed at home with Ava) full of fabulous shopping, great food, and wonderful company. Here are a few pictures of our trip. Sadly, my camera battery died after the second day and I wasn't able to get any pictures of Liz and Sophie. Here we are after checking in at the Palazzo.

On the way to the Fashion Show Mall.

The next day at the beautiful Bellagio conservatory.

We loved these watering cans. In fact, my mom wants to put some in her backyard for all the grandchilren.

This is the last picture that my camera was able to take before the camera battery died (note to self: don't believe Larry when he claims that the battery does not need to be charged).